Labelling Solutions

CTS labels and foils are suited for every application, for every surface and for all materials and in sizes
The products are not only for large-scale industries but also for small-scale. We also provide customized solutions for individual requirements
Print and Apply

Coding Solutions

CTS coding solutions provides industrial printers in order to deliver fully automotive coding and marking solutions.
Our coding solutions are self-sufficient to deliver remarkable and cost-effective solutions to the demanding industry. Our cutting-edge solutions include printing of Barcodes, Data matrix codes and alphanumeric characters.
C-jet Thermal Inkjet Printer

Shrink Wrapping

Flexible and Automatic Shrink Wrapping machines which allows you to deliver an excellent combination of price, versatility and customer support.
With a comprehensive line of durable shrink wrapping machines, we offer the packaging solution you require and deliver the value you seek.

Hot Ink Coders

Multi-Print Headed, Efficient output and Ease to install
CTS provide a wide range of Hot Ink coders that can efficiently work in hot and humid climate. They can be easily customized according to our need.
Dikai Hot Ink Coders

Capping Solution

Innovative and reliable solutions in capping machinery
CTS provides a wide range of product which includes screw capping, twist off capping, pressures capping and trigger capping. The products include new technology solutions which are easily customizable to individual requirements.
Screw Capping
Pressure Capping
Twist-Off Capping System
Trigger Capping System

Packaging and Filling Solutions

Accurate. Cost Effective. Reliable
CTS provides you high-quality packaging and filling solutions. The machines come with advanced PLC control support with advanced features which helps to provide fast and quality products.
Liquid Filling Machines
Tube Filling Machines
Powder Filling Machines
Nail Polish and Special
Aggressive Products

Metal Detector

With a growing need for the secure environment, we provide advanced technological solutions in metal detectors.
We provide favorable price/benefit ratio, their high reliability, flexibility in the most metal detection systems. The machinery is suitable for all materials and various conveying systems.

Over Wrapping Machines

Fully customizable products to advanced machinery our overwrapping machinery includes a wide range of quality products.
The technology we use is easy to maintain and cost-effective. From individual pack wrapping to industry level packaging solution we have each and every solution in our pocket.
Marden Edwards

Ink Catridges

Perfect Barcoding, Digital ink technology with non-porous inkjet printing.
A pocket friendly cartridge with high quality printing experience makes it suitable to set in any operation