Dikai Hot Ink Coders
Dakai group has successfully developed an ink roll coding machine after a long research. They have almost occupied 40 Percent of Chinese market that covers over 50 countries worldwide.
They provide a well-equipped coding machine synchronized with packing machines and digital temperature controller. All machines are expertise in automatic printing Production date, Batch number and other information either horizontally or vertically.
DK-1100A Ink Roll Coding Machine
Dk-1100a Ink Roll Coding…

Print AreaAxial 40mm Radial 40.5mm

  • Printing LinesT-type 13lines…
Dikai DK-2100 (A) (B)
Dikai Dk-2100 (a) (b)

Double-ink-roll, an upgrade version of DK1100 series 2. Change ink roll…